Two-Axis High Speed CNC Spring Coiling Machine Works Efficient And Practical

Two-Axis High Speed CNC Spring Coiling Machine Works Efficient And Practical
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Product Details

Production Description:

  XD-208 two axis CNC spring coiling machine, designed to make springs of wire diameter from 0.15mm to 0.8mm, with the support of our enterprise's core technology, its can be make the minimum wire diameter to 0.07mm and which is the first and only one can do it in China.  The machine has two axis, that are, one servo motor for wire feeding is called Y axis and the other servo motor for controlling OD, pitch, cutter and so on is called X axis. It can make various compression springs,such as wire coil, oil seal springs, battery springs, taper springs, stationary springs, toy springs, strip wire spring, keyboard springs, some simple torsional springs etc. At the same time, XinDing has been always insisting on manufacturing and supplying high-quality and high precision spring machine which works efficient and practical, and furnish excellent quality for serving thousands of spring makers all over the world.

Machine Feature:

1. The spring machine is equiped with two axis, Y axis controls the wire feeding, X axis controls the OD, pitch, cutter of the spring. 

2. The spring machine cutter can be adjusted inside and outside of the cabinet easily and flexibly.
3. Servo motion system and servo drive controlled, user's interface with Chinese & English. 
4. The operator can install different deformation cam according to specific spring, which is more efficient and practical.

5. Optional accessories: Torsion device, oil seal device, pneumatic sensor device, spring length gauge, indicating light, safety door device.

Sample Of Springs:

The sample of springs

Technical Parameter:

1     Model     XD-208

     Wire Diameter

     φ0.15~0.80mm (Min. wire diamter 0.07mm)
3     Number Of Axis      2 
4     Max. Outside Diameter     φ20mm
5     Max. Feeding Length     Unlimited
6     Max. Production Rate     550pcs/min
7     Max. Feeding Speed     300m/min
8     Memory Number     1000PCS
9     Wire Feed Servo Motor (Y-axis)     1.0kw
10     Cam Servo Motor (X-axis)     1.0kw
11     Power AC:     3~P  220V  50hz
12     Dimensions (L*W*H):     900*850*1600mm
13     Wooden Case Dimensions (L*W*H):     1000*1050*1750mm
14     Machine Weight:     400kg
15     Gross Weights:     450kg

Machine Package:

XD-208 2-axis CNC Spring Coiling Machine's Package For Delivery

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