Extension Spring Machine

Extension Spring Machine
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Product Details


1. XD-CNC35 spring machine consists of cam axis, wire feeding axis, rotation core axis and optional spinner axis.
2. The computerized cam rotation system can be set from 0.1-359.9°, every two wire feeding wheels constitutes of one group, totally two groups are installed.
3. XD-CNC35 universal spring machine is equipped with XinDing spring machine controller. The controller system can save 1000 file numbers. axis location, wire feeding data, production speed and products output are displayed on the screen. The program data can be set and changed according your demand in actual operation.
4. The spring machine rotation core system is installed on center of machine board, it rotates both leftwards and rightwards. The rolling axis is installed on the sliding cabinet.
5. Optional accessories: Cutting tools, rolling axis, pneumatic sensor device, optional safety door.

Product Range:

This CNC spring machine produce various ultra-precision irregular springs, compression springs, pulling springs, dual-torsion spring, flat line(spiral power spring)and line molding spring etc.


Technical Parameter



Wire diameter:

φ1.8~3.5 mm


3-4 axes

Maximum Outside Diameter:


Maximum Feeding Length:


Maximum Manufacture Speed:


Feed Speed:


Memory Number:

100 PCS

Wire Feed Servo Motor:

5.5 KW

Cam Servo Motor:

5.5 KW

Quin Servo Motor:

1 KW

Power AC:

220V 3P 50/60Hz

Dimensions (L*D*H):


Wooden Case Dimensions:


Machine Weight:


Gross Weight:


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