Multi-axis Spring Making Machine For Coiling Springs High Efficiency And Fast

Multi-axis Spring Making Machine For Coiling Springs High Efficiency And Fast
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Product Details

Product Description:

  XD-820 eight axis CNC spring coiling machine is designed and produced wire diamater from 0.5mm to 2.0mm, which has a strong capability of manufacturing springs and can make all type of precise compression springs, some torsional springs and so on. The machine entirely epuipped with eight servo motors, that are, one servo motor for wire feeding, two servo motors for cutting, two servo motors for controlling OD, two servo motors for arbor moving, one servo motor for controlling pitch. Compared with traditional spring coiling machine, XD-820 eight axis CNC spring machine is good combination of speed and precision. In a word, it not only improves the production speed and precision, but also reduces the operation difficulty and saves the manual operation time.

Machine Features:

1. Integrated design of cutters which are directly controlled by computer.

2. Fieldbus controller, reaction speed and synchronization largely increased. no need HOME execution in every start.

3. Quick preparation of left and right hand spring.

4. Arbor move back and forth, up and down by CNC.

5. Safety door, indicating light, external spring length gauge equipped with the machine.

Independent Cutting Part and Wire Feeding Part:

XD-820 8-axis CNC Spring Coiling Machine's Structure

Technical Parameter:  

1     Model     XD-820
2     Wire Diameter    ¢0.5-2.0mm
3     Outside Diameter    ¢45mm
4     Production Rate     300pcs/min
5     Feed Length     Unlimited
6     Wire Feed Servo motor     2.7kw
7     Cutter Servo Motor     1.0kw*2
8     OD Controlling Axis Servo Motor     1.0kw*2
9    Pitch Servo Motor     1.0kw
10     Arbor Back-and-Forth Servo Motor           0.4kw


     Arbor Up-and-Down Servo Motor     0.4kw
12     Computer Display      Chinese & English
13     Machine Dimension( L*W*H )     1100*900*1650 mm
14     Machine Weight     1100kg
15     Power AC     3p~380v  50/60hz

Machine Package:

XD-820 8-axis CNC Spring Coiling Machine's Package For Delivery

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