XD-616 Six Axis Spring Coiling Machine

XD-616 Six Axis Spring Coiling Machine
Product Details

XD-616 six axis spring coiling machine


Technical parameter:

Wire Diameter:0.5-2.0mm
Production Rate:300pcs/min
Feed Length:unlimited
Wire Feed:2.7kw
OD Axis:0.75kw
Arbor back-and-forth:0.4kw
BitmapArbor up-and-down:0.4kw
Monitor Display:Chinese/English
Max. Value:99999.99mm
Memory:150 Program Max 
999 Lines for each program
Machine Dimension:110*900*160cm
Machine Weight:1000kgs
Power:380v 3p 50/60hz

Machine innerview:

616 mechanical part.jpg

Machine features:


1. Integrated design of cutter and mandrel.

2. Fieldbus controller, with fast reaction speed and good synchronism.

3. Faster conversion speed of left and right hand spring.

4. Computer can automatically detect the temperature of motor and slow down its running speed to protect motor from overheating.

5. Computer can automatically decelerate according to the timing when probe should be used.

6. Prodution rate can be increased or decreased at any time of operation.

7. Max speed reaches 1200pcs/min, absolutely a nice equipment for small coil springs.

Sample springs:

compression springs by 616.jpg