XD-608 Six Axis CNC Spring Coiling Machine Is Easy To Operate, Fast And High Precision

XD-608 Six Axis CNC Spring Coiling Machine Is Easy To Operate, Fast And High Precision
Product Details

Production Description:

  XD-608 6-axis CNC spring coiling machine designed manufacturing springs with the range of wire diameter from 0.1mm to 0.8mm, which has a strong capability of making springs and can process all kinds of precision compression springs and some of simple torsion or tension springs. The machine has totally equipped with six servo motors, one servo motor for wire feeding, two servo motors for cutting, one servo motor for controlling OD, one servo motor for mandrel back-and-forth moving, one servo motor for controlling pitch. Compared with traditional 2-axis spring coiling machine, XD-608 6-axis CNC spring coiling machine is good combination of speed and precision. In a word, it not only improve the prouction speed and precision, but also reduces the operation difficutly and saves the manual operation time. 


Machine Feature:

1. Integrated design of cutters which are directly controlled by computer.

2. Fieldbus controller, reaction speed and synchronization largely increased. no need HOME execution in every start.

3. Quick preparation of left and right hand spring.

4. Arbor move back and forth, up and down by CNC.

5. Safety door, indicating light, external spring length gauge equipped with the machine.

6. The optional device: the spring length gauge/sensor.

Sample Of Springs:Springs Sample's Display

Technical Parameter:

1     Model     XD-608
2     Axis Count     6 axis
3     Wire Diameter     φ0.1~0.8mm
4     Max. Outside Diameter     φ20mm
5     Production Rate     0~800pcs/min
6     Feeding Length     Unlimited
7     Feeding Wheel Count     1 pair
8     Feeding Servo Motor      0.75kw
9     Cam Servo Motor     0.4kw
10     Cutter Servo Motor     0.4kw*2
11     Pitch Servo Motor     0.4kw
12     Arbor Back And Forth Servo Motor     0.4kw
13     Monitor Display     Chinese & English
14     Feeding Setting Value     Y: 0.01-99999.99mm
15     Storage Capacity     0-999 programs
16     Dimension(L*W*H)     1000*700*1350mm
17     Weight     550kg
18     Power AC     3P-220V  50/60hz

Machine Package:

Machine's Package For Delivery

Our Advantages:

  Our company has been focusing on the field of manufacturing spring making machine more than 20 years and has rich technical experience. At the same time, we focus on technological innovation and personnel training, and have our own professional R & D, sales and service teams. Company's the Founder Mr Bai has witnessed the Spring Industry development in China, and committed to improving user experience and continuously improving machine quality.

  The company's philosophy is "Quality Priority, Customers First, Keeping Improving", not only just a slogan, but also put into practice.

  Our company's products are great recogized and favored by thousands of spring makers all over the world. Our main market as following:

 △ Europe (UK, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Romania, Poland, Estonia, Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria)

 △ Africa (South Africa, Egypt, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Tunisia)

 △ Asia (Korea, India, Vietnam, Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Iran, Thailand, Turkey)

 △ South America (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia)

 △ North America (America, Canada, Cuba, Mexico,Costa Rica)

  We have established customer oriented quality management system, strengthen lasting innovation and enhance after-sale services.


  Customer requires, XinDing aims. We will always be at your service.

  Dongguan Xinding Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd specialized in manufacturing and supplying CNC spring making machines for over 20 years, we founded on the belife of "Professional, Innovation, Quality and Service". With the know-how and wisdom, we introduce series of efficient CNC spring making machine and we have been serving thousands of spring manufacturing enterprises. Undoubtedly, we have earned the appreciation from leading domestic and international spring makers. 


  It's easy to find suppliers in China, but it is not easy to find a professional supplier such as Xinding. If the above products are just what you have been looking for, or you are interested in our other products, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to provide you with quality service, and your satisfaction is our constant pursuit.


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