XD-212 High Speed Spring Coiling Machine Efficiently Manufactures Nozzle Spring

XD-212 High Speed Spring Coiling Machine Efficiently Manufactures Nozzle Spring
Product Details

Production Decription:

  XD-212 2-axis high-speed CNC spring coiling machine adopts two axis designed and processing spring's wire diameter range from 0.3mm to 1.2mm, which is mainly suitable for manufacturing various precision compression springs, such as wire coil, oil seal springs, electronic springs, medical instrument springs, battery springs, toy springs, strip wire springs, keyboard springs and nozzle springs,etc.

  The machine adopts Taiwan controller, Japan servo motor and imported accuracy gears. It has equipped with two axis, one servo motor for wire feeding is called Y-axis and the other one for controlling OD, pitch, cutter and so on is called X-axis. In addtion, the machine can add a torsion spring device, which can make some simple torsion springs, tension springs and wire forming products, very economical and practical. Moreover, you can also choose the optional device like speing length gauge.


Machine Features:

1. It adopts Taiwan Yitu controller and Japan Sanyo servo motors as well as imported accuracy gears.

2. Controller with film type button, system interface with Chinese & English display, convenient to operate.

3. Cam X-axis can run in both forward and reverse directions, Y-axis wire feeding length can be adjusted while machine operation.

4. Computer automatically detect and decelerate servo motors when it is overheating. 

5. Production rate can be increased or decreased at any time running the machine during production process.

6. Probe deceleration ratio function adopted, Improve productivity.

7. The optional device: spring torsion device, spring length gauge/sensor.

8. It made for a large range of application, involved electronics, medical equipment, precision instruments, toys, home appliances and other industrial products.

Sample Display:

Spring Sample Display

Technical Parameter:

1     Model     XD-212
2     Axis Count     2 axis
3     Wire Diameter     φ0.3~1.2mm
4     Max. Spring OD     φ22mm
5     Production Rate     0~350pcs/min
6     Feeding Wire Length     Unlimited
7     Feeding Wire Speed     0~200m/min
8     Feeding Roller Count     2 pairs
9     Feeding Y-axis Servo Motor     0.85kw
10     Cam X-axis Servo Motor     0.85kw
11     Probe     2 pcs
12     Monitor Display     Chinese & English
13     Feeding Setting Value     Y: 0.01-99999.99mm
14     Cam Setting Value     X: 0.1-359.9°
15     Storage Capacity     1000programs
16     Dimension(L*W*H)     950*1150*1500mm
17     Weight     600kg
18     Power AC     3P-220V  50/60hz

Machine Package:

Machine's Package For Delivery

How to Place Order:

  If you are interested in our spring machines, kindly provide your products details to us for reference. For example, the drawing of products or images. Only when we understand your needs can we recommend the suitable machines and quotations.

1. Show us the drawing or picture of your samples.

2. Work out the competitive price for you.

3. Make a proforma invoice.

4. Arrange the mass production after receiving your 30% payment.

5. Ship the goods about 10 days after receipt the whole payment.

6. Following your goods until you receive them and satisfy with the quality.


Why Choose Us:  

  Dongguan Xinding Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd specialized in manufacturing and supplying CNC spring making machines for over 20 years, we founded on the belife of "Professional, Innovation, Quality and Service". With the know-how and wisdom, we introduce series of efficient CNC spring making machine and we have been serving thousands of spring manufacturing enterprises. Undoubtedly, we have earned the appreciation from leading domestic and international spring makers.

  Customer requires, XinDing aims. We will always be at your service.

  It's easy to find suppliers in China, but it is not easy to find a professional supplier such as Xinding. If the above products are just what you have been looking for, or you are interested in our other products, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to provide you with quality service, and your satisfaction is our constant pursuit.

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