Spring Coiler Machine Works Wire Diameter 1.0-3.0mm

Spring Coiler Machine Works Wire Diameter 1.0-3.0mm
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XD-630 spring coiling machine

It is developed on the basis traditional two aixs 1.0-3.0mm spring coiler, its mechanical parts are directly replaced by servo motor which controlled by CNC, more convinient for operator to check the process and position of spring. the machine can work any types of wire material like carbonized steel wire, music steel wire, SS steel wire, aluminum alloy wire etc.


1. Axis movement is exected by command from CNC programming.

2. Fieldbus controller, with high precison and stability.

3. Fast shift speed of left and right hand springs.

4. Probe speed ratio function.

5. Saved 40% manual work in spring adjustment and product set up.

6. Safety shield, indicating light, external or internal spring length gauge, spring production toolings, wire feeding rack are available with the machine.

Machine features:

2.Wire Diameter:1.0-3.0mm
4.Production Rate:300pcs/min
5.Feed Length:unlimited
6.Wire Feed:4.5kw
8.OD Axis:1.5kw
10.Arbor Back-And-Forth:0.75kw
11. Computer Display:Chinese/English
12.Machine Dimension:130*100*175 cm
13.Machine Weight:1400kgs
14.Power:380v 3p 50/60hz

Sample spring:


Auxilliary wire feeding machine(200-300kg):


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