Six-Axis CNC Spring Coiling Machine For Manufacturing Springs Cost-Effectively

Six-Axis CNC Spring Coiling Machine For Manufacturing Springs Cost-Effectively
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Product Details

Production Description:

  XD-620 six axis CNC spring coiling machine applied in springs of wire diameter 0.5mm to 2.0mm, which has a strong capability to manufactur springs and can make all type of compression springs, some torsional springs and so on. At the same time it is developed on basis of traditional two axis spring coiler and which has entirely equiped six axis, that is, one servo motor for wire feeding, two servo motors for cutting, one servo motor for controlling OD, one servo motor for controlling pitch and one servo motor for controlling arbor back-and-forth moved. Compared with it, the machine with servo motors' execution movement can be accomplished by computer programming and has been improving production speed, and human operation work largely decreased. 


Machine Features:

1. Upper and under cutters are both controlled by separate servo motor.

2. Fieldbus controller, with fast reaction speed and good synchronization.

3. Quick tooling changeover speed of left and right hand spring.

4. Arbor move back and forth, up and down with computer command.

5. 50% traditional manual work saved. 

6. More efficient in spring adjustment. 

7. Several types of springs of same wire diameter can be made successively.

Wire Feeding Part And Independent Cutting Part:

Wire Feeding Part And Independent Cutting Part

Technical Parameter:

     Model     XD-620
2     Axis count     6 axis
3     Wire Diameter    0.5~2.0mm
4     Outside Diameter ( OD )    ¢45mm
5     Max. Production Rate     300pcs/min
6     Max. Feed Length     Unlimited
7     Wire Feed Servo Motor     2.7kw
8     Cutter Servo Motor     1.0kw*2
9     OD Controling Axis Servo Motor     1.0kw
10     Pitch Servo Motor     1.0kw
11     Arbor Back-And-Forth Servo Motor     0.4kw
12     Computer Display     Chinese & English
13     Machine Dimension ( L*W*H )     1100*900*1600mm
14     Machine Weight     1000kg
15     Power AC     3p~380v  50/60hz


Machine Package:

XD-620 6-axis CNC Spring Coiling Machine's Package For Delivery

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