CNC Compression Spring Coiling Machine

CNC Compression Spring Coiling Machine
Product Details

1. XD-250 compression spring machine is a 2-axis spring machine consisting of wire feeding axis and cam axis. The spring machine's two axes can act independently of synchronously by build the program.
2. 5.7" control panel ,easy to operate, we can both make springs manually or automatically on this machine.
3. Cam can be moved clockwise or anti -clockwise:wire feed length can be changed while running the machine.
4. Computer can automatically detect the temperature of the motor and slow down the running speed to protect the motor from overheating.
5. Compute can automatically decelerate according to the timing when the probe should be used.
6. Production speed can be increased or decreased at any ting running the machine.and spring length is up to user's own requirement.
7. We also have a third pitch axis for this model.

Product Range:
This compression spring machine can make various compression springs, wire coil, oil seal springs, taper springs, double-taper springs, safe springs,extension spring,  motorcycle spring, bicycle springs,clip spring as well as various simple wire molding. in conclusion, any springs in coil shape will be within its capacity.


Technical Parameter



Wire diameter:

φ2.0~5.0 mm


2-3 axes

Maximum Outside Diameter:


Maximum Feeding Length:


Maximum Manufacture Speed:


Feed Speed


Memory Number:


Wire Feed Servo Motor:

7 KW

Cam Servo Motor:

7 KW

Power AC:

3-Phase 220V

Dimensions (L*D*H):


Wooden Case Dimensions


Machine Weight:


Gross Weights


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