Military Quality 1000W 1500W 2000W Auto Wire Feeding System Hand Laser Welding Machine Stainless Steel with Wobble Head Ce

Military Quality 1000W 1500W 2000W Auto Wire Feeding System Hand Laser Welding Machine Stainless Steel with Wobble Head Ce
Product Details
Increasing productivity while decreasing the production costs is the key to enhance the superiority in competition of Compression Spring Coilerds, Auxiliary Wire feeding Machine, CNC high speed spring coiler's price. The company will be committed to continuous improvement of product production technology and quality. We take credit establishment as the foundation of the company's development. For further acknowledge, our consultant service group in Bulgaria will reply to all of the inquiries and complications immediately.

Production Description:

  XD-500 automatic feeding machine's load-bearing capacity is 500kg and the diameter of pallet is φ1300mm, mainly used for supporting CNC spring machine equipments. In addition to meeting the wire feeding requirement of spring machines, it can also be combined with other host equipments such as straightening machine, ring machine, button machine, screw machine, cutting machine, torsion spring machine, winding machine, wire forming machine and other supporting connections.


Machine Feature:

1. Speed compensation function, adjust the wire feeding speed through automatic and jog.

2. Direction switching function, realize forward and reverse wire feeding, and switch the wire feeding direction.

3. Automatic alarm function, when twisted wire, broken wire or wire feeding is completed, it will automatically alarm and stop.

4. Fixed coil function, you can freely adjust the inner rod on the material tray, and fix the wire coil to prevent messy thread.

Techniacl Parameter:

1     Model     XD-500
2     Load Weight     500kg
3     Max. Speed Of Table     50rpm
4     Max. Outside Table     φ1300mm
5     Motor     1.5kw
6     Dimension(L*W*H)     1600*1500*1500mm
7     Weight     250kg
8     Power AC      220V  50/60hz


Machine Package:

Machine's package for delivery

  Customer requires, XinDing aims. We will always be at your service.

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