The Wide Applicaiont Of Compression Springs In Industrial Field

  Compression springs are devices made up of helically formed coils with pitch in between used to push back on an applied force or load in order to return its original position when the force or load is released. They are the most commonly used type of springs as well as the most economical.

Compression springs's sample display

  When designing and manufacturing a compression spring, it usually involves technical parameters like material, wire diameter, inner or outer diameter, pitch, total number of turns or effective number of turns, total length or free length and port shape. In addtional, processed such as port grinding and heat treatment may also be involved.

 Compression springs are widely applied in computer, mobile phone, electron, instrument, toys, home appliances, camera, motorcycle, automobile, railway´╝îaerospace, electric power station, engineering machinery, mining machinery, construction machinery, elevator and other industry. 

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