Springs Industry Development Experience And Lessons Learned

No reef in the sea doesn't spray, life could not resist setbacks won't become a Homo habilis. Also spring machine industry in China after decades of development, has been greatly improved, also suffered many difficulties and setbacks, many detours, but also accumulated a lot of valuable experience and lessons learned.

Springs industries and restricted by the development of many industries, such as the supply of raw materials, production and test equipment such as the level of development of the industry and business. Springs industries as a branch of the national economy, its development would be subject to the level of macro-economic development constraints, so the spring industry should adopt a positive attitude, strive to open up innovation, promote the development of related industries, and make contributions to the development of the national economy as a whole.

Due to the influence of the planned economy and local protectionism and short-term interest-driven, Springs industries suppliers too much, resulting in disorderly competition in the market, investment, low grade, low technology content problems. From the industry point of view, the entire industry reasonable layout, concentrate limited financial and material resources, individual problem-solving, a high starting point, high standard development.

After a number of springs for technical improvement and the effectiveness of the company ignored again, after years of enterprise technology, requirements for equipment has lagged behind the development of the times. In fact, technological progress is a process of continuous improvement, constantly updated, enterprises should continue to invest money, continually updating and improving their equipment and technology, the only way to keep pace with the development trend of the world.