Spring Tips

A pair or several pairs of rollers press the wire down and rotate, push wire to right, rely on the upper and lower size limit and guide the wire forming. Top and bottom ring diameter rod to move in their respective chutes, by controlling the position of the upper and lower circle diameter rod, you can control the size of coil diameter. Pitch for the vertical movement of the paper, its role is to make wound wire form the lead angle. Through the position of the pitch control rod, you can control the pitch of the spring size. When at the end of the winding, wire cut with a cutter.   Mandrel as a support of the cutter when cutting steel. Through a wire wheel, upper and lower circle diameter rods, combining pitch and cutter movement, winding circle diameter, with varying pitches of various shapes, such as round compression spring. Mechanical spring coiling machine, because there is only one force, the rod completely on gears, cams, clutch mechanism linkage, complex structure, adjusting. Each replacement of a variety, often dressing cam shape, high requirements on the operator's skill level, in particular, the wire the length of the adjustment range depends on the size of a gear sector, which limits the spring exhibition of longer. Intermitten back row, also need to disengage clutch wire wheel, not only increased the noise, reduced feeding accuracy. In order to fit the computer control, mechanical structure of our spring winding machine was reinvented. First, will the movement institutions independent, the used a servo motor control, as sent line institutions just a simple of gear drive, sent line length can unlimited; Shang, and Xia circle diameter rod and the section from Rod directly used motor connection ball silk rod to drive; cut institutions also just a simple of cam drive, except for General of shear outside, also can match upper and lower cut knife for twist cut, to solution big line diameter, and small kept the than of spring shear. The operator when processing different types of springs are needed, for NC spring coiling machine, simply fill in the corresponding parameters on a computer, programmed to coordinate their actions, you can circle around the springs needed.