Spring Machine Tooling Mainly

Spring Machine Tooling mainly

Selection of spring machine roll and the treatment of spring

<strong> Spring machine </ strong> The tooling is mainly feed roller, guide plate, mandrel, cam, mandrel, cutter, pitch knife, incomplete gear, tooling selection is reasonable, will directly affect the quality of roll yellow.

First, the boot must first turn the hand wheel, check the operation is normal.

Second, the first gear is not complete than the second tooth teeth lower teeth, as a transitional teeth, or will touch the teeth.

Third, whether the steering of the motor is consistent with the steering of the machine sprocket.

Spring is a common type of spring machine, is a kind of energy storage parts, can be used to shock, clamping, energy storage and measurement. Universal Spring Factory is currently well-known domestic manufacturers, advanced facilities, with all kinds of spring equipment and spare parts. Spring anti-corrosion method generally use protective layer, according to the nature of the protective layer can be divided into: metal protective layer, chemical protective layer, non-metallic protective layer and temporary protective layer, etc., in this focus on the first two methods.

Metal protective layer, in addition to the above-mentioned galvanized and cadmium, there are copper, chrome, tin, silver, galvanized titanium alloy, spring designers can choose according to the work of the spring coating.

The use of chemical reactions to the spring surface to generate a layer of dense protective film to prevent spring corrosion. Oxygen treatment and phosphating treatment are usually used. These two methods of low cost, high production efficiency, the general spring manufacturers are used oxidation treatment, as anti-corrosion treatment.

<div> Many types of metal protective layer, the spring, the general is to use gold plating method to obtain metal protective layer. Plating resist not only protected from corrosion, and can improve the appearance of the spring. Some electroplated metals can also improve the performance of the spring, such as improving the surface hardness, increased wear resistance, improve thermal stability, prevent radiation corrosion. However, if only for the corrosion of the spring, generally it should be used and the galvanized layer of cadmium coatings. Galvanized and passivated layer, can improve the protection performance of the coating and the increase in surface appearance. Also in order to improve the corrosion resistance of cadmium coating, can be passivation after plating.

Stainless steel spring and copper spring itself has a certain anti-corrosion ability, so generally do not carry out anti-corrosion treatment. The method of the oxidation treatment include: alkaline oxidation method, an oxidation and alkaline electrolytic oxidation process. To use alkaline oxidation method for more.

Spring in the manufacture, storage, use and other processes, often suffer from corrosion of the surrounding medium. As the spring at work is to play the role of elasticity, the spring is corroded after the stretch will change and loss of function. Therefore, to prevent corrosion of the spring can ensure the stable operation of the spring, and extend its life.

<div> spring machine spring treatment is also very important in the production should pay attention to the spring surface treatment.