Spring Machine The Performance Of The Spring Machine

Spring Machine The performance of the spring machine

At present, there are many brands, structures, appearance and functions of computer spring machine in the market, so how to judge the performance of spring machine?

As is known to all, the computer spring machine is composed of two parts, hardware and software, which drives the hardware part to complete the specific trajectory through the operation of the system command.

1. The importance of computer system, which relates to the operation of the whole spring machine, is beyond question.

2. Servo motor, this is the combination of hardware and software components, including motor and servo drive. Heat loss is serious, in the operation of the motor drive under the condition of the continuous running smoothly, whether the heat dissipation in a timely manner.

3. Hardware part: working panel, slider, guide rail, bearing, cutter, etc. These relationships to the service life of the machine and production accuracy. Spring machine more than 10 years specializing in the production of spring machine and wire forming machine, have certain popularity in the industry. Some enterprise personnel or the boss, get their products to find us, request we can provide the corresponding wire forming machine. We can according to the product, to recommend spring machine or wire forming machine. Many people will doubt our professional degree, he thinks he is wire forming machine, why want to recommend spring machine to him?

Such friends actually is in error. Simply put, spring machine can do wire forming, spring wire forming machine can do about it. Some line forming, wire forming machine to do very well is very professional, there are some products, special-shaped wire forming, wire forming machine also can't do it, really need to do with spring machine, will be more appropriate. A lot of wire forming products, mainly straightening, Angle, cut off, need is speed and stability, a dedicated wire forming machine is better than spring function of meet the requirements of its speed and stability.

1. On the spring machine, the experiment or practice should be carried out under the guidance of the practical teacher, without the consent of the tutor, do not turn on the machine without authorization. The operator must check whether the lubrication, protective clothing and other parts of the machine are in line with the requirements of the machine before starting the machine. After the machine is energized. The operator should check the switches, the buttons on the computer control board and whether it is normal, flexible and abnormal. The machine should be turned on and off in order to operate according to the instruction of the machine tool. Before spindle startup starts cutting. The operator must close the door of protection, and the procedure of normal operation is strictly prohibited.

2. The use of spring machine must be very expensive. Strict other personnel with the use of CNC equipment. After operation, clean the machine tool, clean up the work area, disconnect the power, and fill the spring machine's work log carefully. Do the transition. Eliminate the risk of accidents. It is not allowed to change the parameters and operating procedures set by manufacturers in the control system.

3. Before the spring machine is installed. The operator has to run a program. Whether the powder program can be operated successfully, whether it is reasonable or not, whether the installation is reasonable or not. The operator must be able to activate the machine tool after confirming the work of the workpiece. It is forbidden to measure and touch the workpiece when the workpiece is rotated. The machine is not allowed to open the door of the cabinet when running normally, and hold the "stop" or "reset" button. If there is abnormal heat and abnormal sound in the motor of the spring machine, stop immediately. Machine tools accident. The operator needs to keep the site. In order to explain the situation before and after the accident to the maintenance personnel, it is helpful to analyze the problem and find out the cause of the accident.