Spring Machine The Operation Of The System Instruction

Spring Machine The operation of the system instruction

Currently on the market of computer spring machine brand, structure, appearance and function are mostly similar, then how to judge the performance of spring machine?

    As we all know, computer spring machine is composed of hardware and software components, through the operation of the system instructions to drive the hardware part to complete a specific trajectory.

    1. The computer system, which relates to the operation of the entire spring machine, is of no doubt to its importance.

    2. Servo motor, this is a combination of hardware and software components, including motor and servo drive. Motor running heat loss is serious, driven in the continuous operation of the situation is stable, its cooling is timely.

    3. Hardware parts: work panels, sliders, rails, bearings, knives, etc. These relate to the machine's life and production accuracy.

In the spring machine assembly process will have a lot of connection work, we can spring machine connection can generally be divided into removable and non-removable connection two:

Removable connection:

Removable connections to interlocked parts without damage to any parts, can also be re-connected after disassembly. Common detachable connections are threaded, keyed and pinned. Which is the most widely used screw connection. The quality of the thread connection and the assembly process has a great relationship, should be based on the spring machine is connected to zero, the shape of the parts and the distribution of bolts, force, reasonable to determine the bolt fastening force, the tightening between multiple bolts and Tightening force balance requirements.

Non-removable connection:

Non-detachable connections are welded, riveting and interference connections, etc., where the interference coupling multi-language axis, hole with. To achieve interference with the commonly used with the press fit, thermal expansion and cold shrink with the method. General spring machine can be pressed with the method, important or sophisticated machine willing to use hot expansion, cold shrink with the law. Spring machine can not be disassembled in the connection is zero, the use of spring machine parts are not demolished, such as the demolition will often damage some parts.

1. Spring machine to do the experiment or practice to be under the guidance of the practice of teachers, without the consent of the guidance of the master, do not open the machine without authorization. Spring machine before the boot, the operator must check the various parts of the machine lubrication, protective equipment, etc. meet the requirements, to confirm the correct operation before. After the machine is powered on. Operators should check the switch, the computer control board button and according to health is normal, flexible, machine abnormalities. Spring machine boot, shutdown with the order, must be in accordance with the provisions of the machine tool manual operation. The spindle starts before cutting. The operator must close the protection of the door, the normal operation of the program is strictly prohibited to open the door.