Spring Machine Spring Mechanical Development

Spring Machine Spring mechanical development

According to statistics, China's spring CNC machine tools to increase the rate of about 100 per year in the growth of CNC machine tool varieties cover almost the entire metal cutting machine types and the main forging machinery, production has a great growth. Only CNC metal cutting machine tool production, in November 2011, China's CNC metal cutting machine tool production reached 20,000 units, down 4.77%. January-November 2011, the national CNC metal cutting machine tool production reached 239,000 units, an increase of 25.72%. Sub-regional production point of view, the first 11 months of 2011, Zhejiang CNC metal cutting machine tool production reached 60,000 units, an increase of 19.84%, accounting for 25.63% of the total output, ranking first in the country. Followed by Liaoning, Jiangsu and Shandong provinces and cities.

"Twelve Five" period, the machine tool industry will be the national "information technology to promote industrialization" as an opportunity to use information technology and composite technology to improve the performance of CNC machine tools and key functions supporting product level, speed up product structure adjustment, through the introduction of advanced technology, Cooperation in production, joint ventures, as soon as possible to promote the host and key functional accessories industry upgrades, to achieve international standards. Machine tool industry to strive to develop and produce "high-speed, composite, precision, intelligent, environmental protection" as a symbol of a new generation of CNC machine tools to further improve the domestic market share of CNC machine tools to achieve the industry by leaps and bounds.

In China's machinery industry, the machine tool industry in the "tool machine" special status, most of its demand orders from the machinery industry of various types of enterprises; the same time, the level of the machinery industry in all walks of life upgrade is of particular importance The meaning of. Therefore, the development of the machine tool industry depends on the overall development of China's machinery industry as a whole, while affecting the healthy development of the whole industry.

Compared with the situation of China's machinery industry, the spring machine tool industry last year, changes in the situation and the contradictions are more prominent. Data show that the "15" and "Eleventh Five-Year" 10 years, the Chinese spring machine tool industry to achieve a sustained high-speed development, until the first half of 2011, demand is still very strong, the vast majority of machine tool companies are in production and marketing two But from the second half of last year, demand growth significantly slowed down, new orders fell sharply, the economic situation gradually tended to be severe, profit margins continued to decline. Despite the rapid growth in the first half of the bottom of last year, China's spring machine tool industry output growth rate is still nearly 39% from the beginning of the year down to 32.5% at the end of the year; to achieve profit growth from the beginning of 57.5% to 29.8% The Can be seen last year, China's machine tool industry, the situation has changed dramatically.

In 2011, China's machine tool industry imports of 20.7 billion US dollars, while exports to 7.3 billion US dollars, import and export deficit of up to 13.4 billion US dollars. It can be seen that the demand of China's machine tool products is an objective reality, but the domestic machine tool enterprises can not fully meet it. If the basic balance of import and export can be achieved, the Chinese machine tool industry will be able to add another $ 13.4 billion (equivalent to RMB 100 billion ) Sales. Last year, China's machinery industry and the world recognized machinery industry power Germany and Japan trade deficit of up to 49.2 billion US dollars and 57.8 billion US dollars; last year, China's average export price of CNC machine tools is only 33,000 US dollars / Taiwan, while the import price was 219,000 US dollars / Taiwan, the export price is only 15% of imports; However, the data show that by the end of 2011, domestic CNC machine tools in the domestic market share has occupied the "half".