Spring Machine Speed Control Of The Host Computer

Spring Machine Speed control of the host computer

Spring machine in the installation process often encounter problems

In the process of installing the spring machine, can not always smooth sailing, will encounter some big and small problems. 1, computer spring machine system out of control, that is, "speed" phenomenon, in the position control of the host computer (computer controller) is not possible to appear, but at the moment in the speed control of the host computer more casual appearance, is more difficult To overcome the flaws. The following main analysis is as a speed control of the host computer system out of control phenomenon, the possible reasons are: First, the AC servo control board and related circuit problems Second, the spring processing of the preparation of a third problem, all kinds of control line connection Line, terminal there is a problem. Fourth, the servo motor encoder and echo-related circuit problems Finally, the power problem 2, such as the reset when the boot is always an alarm, can not repeat the bit. Or just enter the password, the next day but also enter the password. First of all, such as the first half of the winter boot can not be reset the reason, it is obviously the temperature at which the machine is concerned. Spring equipment is imported servo motor, the requirements of the environment is 0-40 degrees Celsius without solidification. But because of the low temperature, the body of the oil inside the solidification or viscosity increases, resulting in operational obstacles, half an hour later, the body heat, the problem naturally disappeared. The solution is to improve the ambient temperature of the shop floor or to replace the oil. Second, the computer password lock the problem, then contact the manufacturer to obtain a password. The use of spring machine to improve the efficiency of the spring production of the enterprise, shortening the transfer of the master in the process of adjusting the time to enhance the quality requirements of spring products, but also in the transfer machine technology has a higher demand , As well as enterprise machine costs (prices, types and other factors) increase.

Computer spring machine is a special machinery and equipment, in the course of the use of programming problems often encountered, so the device programming can not be zero phenomenon is not surprising, the main thing is to check the equipment is not in a normal state. The principle of the production of spring is mainly the use of reaction force, to send the wire to the front of the wire in front of the wire with a wire gauge block, so that the wire can not move forward, resulting in resistance to change the direction of movement of steel wire to produce the relevant shape. Solution and steps: 1. Drive parameter problem (this is limited to the mechanical plant internal work considerations), if the machine after zero zero position are not the same point, then consider the electronic tooth age ratio setting is correct. 2. observe the upper right corner of the screen a yellow triangle lights whether the reverse action, observe the screen state. Will make a normal zero action. If there is, it may be damaged for the circuit board; if there is no reverse action, or do zero action occasionally reverse, then please open the machine back cover, redo zero action, observe the proximity switch indicator light will be in the machine Running a week in the process of normal flash once. If you can not normally shine, the proximity switch can be held in the hand, in the machine zero process, directly to the machine contact, if the proximity switch is still not bright, then check the proximity switch connected to the circuit board plug is bad , Otherwise it can determine the proximity switch itself failure.