Spring Machine Of The Acceptance Requirements

Spring Machine Spring machine refers to the production of spring mechanical equipment, the development of automatic, CNC type.

  In accordance with the functional characteristics are divided into: spring machine, spring machine, universal machine, disk machine and special spring machine such as: snake spring machine, torsion spring machine in accordance with the drive is divided into: semi-automatic, automatic, Control-type high-end spring machine with WAFIOS FMU series, FUL series, and especially for the twisted-pair development FMK series, the high-end Japan MEC TM series, SH series, ITAYA AX series, RS series and Taiwan Northeast EN5 series, light Hong Kong, XINDA, etc., in the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta has a large number of equipment manufacturing industry in the low-end market has a certain Of the share.

  Spring Machine Leading the development trend of the industry is no cam computer spring machine, no cam spring machine for its easy debugging, production fast and stable, suitable for the production of shaped spring and other advantages, more and more occupation of more market share. No cam spring machine, especially in 10 axis or 12 axis majority, left is 12 axis without cam spring machine.

  1, host

It includes machine body, operation panel, feed mechanism, tool holder (robot arm), hydraulic and other mechanical parts. It is used to complete a variety of spring wire processing of mechanical parts.

  2, control part

Divided into mechanical type of electrical control devices and numerical control controller (such as the lower right) device, the market gradually out of mechanical spring machine to CNC computer spring machine for the development trend. Now is the domestic Guangjin spring machinery company GJ product exposition. It is composed of a host computer, a set of computer controller system and servo motor part, is mechanical and electrical integration of spring equipment, computer controller can control more than two axis movement to promote the relevant movement unit, the precise processing of various Spring, making it a high efficiency, high precision spring making ideal equipment.

  1. Preparation of torsion spring machine air run test:

1, torsion spring machine running test must be completely dry in the foundation before proceeding.

2, check the torsion spring machine parts of any foreign body, the joints and fasteners whether the lax.

3, check the torsion spring machine lubrication pipe, hydraulic pipe connection is correct, the use of lubrication and hydraulic oil is appropriate, the oil is appropriate, lubrication lubrication is in place.

4, torsion spring machine ancillary equipment in the air before the need for a separate inspection test to verify whether its performance meets the required requirements.

  Spring Machine Second, the torsion spring machine test run:

1, first start torsion spring machine rotation, check the parts are normal. Voltage is stable, check the rotation after the Z axis to check whether the Z-axis rotation is smooth, no twisting and so on. No load operation at the factory must be idle for 4-8 hours.

2, check the torsion spring machine whether there is ground line, to prevent the occurrence of leakage point, so as to avoid unnecessary occurrences.

3, the controller transferred to manual operation, repeated use of Y-axis movement, to see whether the Y-axis operation is smooth and easy.

4, in the torsion spring machine running test process to check the following items:

A: transmission gears and bearings and other lubrication points of the full lubrication, the sealing parts of a good seal.

B: No vibration and periodic noise in operation.

  Tilt spring machine load test run:

1, torsion spring machine (disc machine) no-load test run qualified before the load test run. When the load test run, the equipment is required to use the sample to hit the material for 2 hours to see the smoothness of proofing.

2, torsion spring load test run should check whether the basic technical parameters meet the torsion spring machine requirements.

3, torsion spring machine Y-axis and Z-axis to be smooth, not easy to twist and other problems affect the accuracy of the problem can be used to measure the Z-axis measurement accuracy.

4, torsion spring machine lines, oil, control systems should be flexible, safe and reliable.