Spring Machine Manufacturers Tell The Spring Work Consumption Principle

Spring machines currently on the market can be divided into two types: the traditional turbines, and multiaxial non-convex turbines. Cam engine in a typical eight-for example, while the Octopus is the eight cam claw-arm, but the entire spring machine by only two or three high power motor control eight claw-arm, processed products eight claw-arm and movement. While processing products typically eight feet arm is not at the same time work on the product, but because the eight claw-arm movement with large power consumption. Free of cam to the first axis convex yongteng turbine leader, for example, yongteng springs can be divided into 10-and 12-axis, which is composed of 10 or 12 small motor control each arm individually. Yongteng spring appearance is on eight arms, each arm of the servo motor control, in the course of processing products, requiring every arm is used in action auxiliary, only electric power consumption in his arm and other motor would not work without electricity. In addition, each arm were no cam, the machine does not need exhaust cam is easy to learn.