Spring Machine Maintenance Work Is Mainly

Spring Machine Maintenance work is mainly

Spring machine processing spring Note With the application of spring machine more and more widely, the daily operation of the spring machine in the process of attention has gradually highlighted. Spring machinery warm tips, scientific and standardized operation and reasonable and effective routine maintenance, not only can extend the service life of the spring machine but also improve the daily efficiency of the spring machine and to avoid unnecessary machine failure and damage.

When the customer chooses the spring machinery to start the spring, first of all must make sure that the wire which we buy is the most suitable wire for the processed product, and secondly, do the wire surface cleaning work. In particular, the wire is particularly vulnerable to rust, a rust wire diameter is increased, if not the surface cleaning work, wire is difficult to wear into the mandrel. Spring processing is also required after the post-processing.

In the treatment of commonly used cleaning agents for the gasoline, the English name ULP, the purpose is to clean the spring surface of diesel and other debris. Uses: gasoline can dissolve oil and other water can not dissolve the material, you can play the role of clean oil. Mainly used to clean the spring machine production of nickel-plated wire spring, due to nickel plating system with a degreasing agent will be easy to rust, and after cleaning the gasoline to enhance the conductivity, and easy to weld.

Use: into the gasoline can be scrub:

1, gasoline cleaning, the case of high temperature will be on fire, it is best to make it naturally heat and then heat treatment.

2, degreasing agent: degreasing agent English name: degreasant mainly used to remove the surface of the oil, spring machine here is mainly used to clean the surface of the oil oil, that is, to remove metal dirt.

3, immersion, small metal products available this method.

4, spraying, for large metal products with this method is relatively fast and uniform.

5, brush, with a brush to the anti-rust oil coated on the surface of metal products, large pieces of products and complex shape of the product is more appropriate to use this method.

6, dip coating, spring machine metal products immersed in liquid anti-rust oil, remove the drain, and some rust-proof oil is too thick when you need to heat to a certain temperature.

Spring machine maintenance work is mainly: clean, fastening, adjustment, lubrication, anti-corrosion of these items. In order to reduce the wear speed of spring mechanical parts, eliminate long-term fault hidden trouble, extend the service life of machinery, need to do the following:

  1, routine maintenance

  Routine maintenance to clean, tighten, adjust, lubrication as the center, before the operation of the machine, after the operation and stop after the routine requirements of the spring machine maintenance. This task is done by the spring mechanical operator.

  2, regular maintenance

  According to the maintenance requirements of mechanical equipment, after the required working hours or the required mileage, the necessary regular maintenance, including the following three elements: First-class maintenance First-class maintenance is based on routine maintenance, the focus The job is to lubricate, tighten and check the relevant parts that have been cleaned by three filters (air, oil, fuel filter). Mainly by the mechanical team leader guidance, mechanical operators to complete. Secondary maintenance of secondary maintenance mainly to check, adjust as the focus. Specifically to check the heat transfer part of the spring, spring part of the spring and lubrication system and other work and make the necessary adjustments to exclude the fault found. Safety spring machinery has good working performance. Secondary maintenance by the mechanical operator to assist the warranty staff to complete. Three maintenance focus on the detection, adjustment, troubleshooting hidden trouble. To diagnose the parts that affect performance, perform the necessary replacement, adjustment, and troubleshooting work.