Spring Machine Line Forming Machine

Spring Machine Line forming machine

The spring machine has become a popular title, because the spring is not only the original kind of spiral, and there have been a variety of shapes --- industry called line forming machine.

Spring and the improvement of the precision of the spring machine also higher requirements, when Germany's WAFIOS, Japan's ITAYA, MEC and other enterprises with years of technology accumulation, has developed a variety of CNC variety of models, WAFIOS Equipment has always stood in the spring machine industry's highest level - mature technology, equipment stability, control software, human, a variety of auxiliary tools. Japan's spring machine equipment is developed by virtue of the development of precision industry in Japan developed a variety of precision spring machine can do wire diameter 0.03mm spring products, like our heart surgery commonly used in a spring bracket, advanced atomic pen Precision instruments on the spring can be stable and rapid production.

And China's Taiwan region, under the leadership of the northeast spring machine also appeared in a number of production of spring machine business such as: NUCOIL, HERDON, Xinda, and so on. Relative to the German equipment technology, and the precision of Japanese equipment, the leader of the Taiwan region is the development of another way: by virtue of its own technical patent advantage and grasp the spring forming technology, their traditional models EN502S play to Ultimate, there wafios molding technology, but also the cost of the machine down to Japan the same type of equipment 1/3 to 1/2, of course, precision is the industry leader. There have been a large number of imitators in Taiwan.

Coincidentally, in the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta region, with the northeast spring machine sales and Luoyang machine technology improvements, the domestic spring industry is booming, the late nineties to the beginning of the century a few years, the spring machine is the printing press ~ ~ ~ Haha, then the spring production boss of the original words ... ... so that the spring machine has become a tight product, compared to the German equipment at every turn millions of Japanese machine is also Four hundred and fifty thousand of China's Taiwan equipment manufacturers quickly to high cost-effective occupation of the entire mainland spring industry, most of the wall, the Northeast is more than thousands of spring machine customers. With the development of the spring industry, like the communications industry in China's Pearl River Delta and the Yangtze River Delta, there have been a large number of spring machine manufacturers, they imitate and plagiarism is very fast, than the phone has gone, they Of the equipment relative to the Northeast, Xinda, NUCOIL, MAX and other manufacturers of low prices, or even half of the price is less than the poor stability of equipment, after-sales service can not keep up but there have been several technology and customers For the wizard of the enterprise, and gradually for the spring manufacturers to provide quality and cheap equipment.

The future of the spring machine

Spring machine technology accumulation has gradually become mature, all equipment manufacturers have set up their own professional R & D department and even some professional line

The field of forming materials in the field of research institutes, the development of the latest equipment like Germany's spring machine boss WAFIOS equipment, the latest technology and the latest control technology, has reached a difficult to reach the height.