Spring Machine Control Part

Spring Machine Control part

Spring machine refers to the production of spring mechanical equipment, the current development of automatic and CNC type, according to the functional characteristics are divided into: spring machine, spring machine, universal machine, disk machine and special spring machine

Spring mechanical composition:

1, host

It includes machine body, operation panel, feed mechanism, tool holder (robot arm), hydraulic and other mechanical parts. It is used to complete a variety of spring wire processing of mechanical parts.

2, control part

Currently divided into mechanical type of electrical control devices and CNC controller device, and now the market gradually out of mechanical spring machine to CNC computer spring machine for the development trend. Now to the domestic Yinfeng International Spring Machinery Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. CNC products described. It is composed of a host computer, a set of computer controller system and servo motor part of the mechanical and electrical integration of spring equipment, computer controller can control more than two axis movement to promote the relevant movement unit, the precise processing of various Spring, making it a high efficiency, high precision spring production of CNC spring mechanical ideal equipment.

  (1) pre-repair investigation

  1) Q: First of all, to the spring mechanical operators to understand the situation before and after the failure, the fault is the first time suddenly or often occur; whether there is smoke, flashing, abnormal sound and smell appear, what is wrong and malfunctions. Because the spring mechanical operators are most familiar with the mechanical properties of the spring, the first to understand the possible causes and parts of the failure, which is conducive to electrical repair personnel on the basis of the use of electrical work to determine the location of the failure and analysis of the causes of failure.

  2) to see: look at the fuse inside the fuse is broken, electrical components and wire connections with or without burning traces.

  3) Listen: motor, control transformer, contactor, relay running sound is normal.

 4) touch; in the spring mechanical electrical equipment running for some time, cut off the power by hand touch the electrical field or electromagnetic coil, try its temperature is significantly increased, whether there is local overheating.

  (2) from the spring mechanical electrical schematic diagram to determine the possible range of failure

Spring mechanical electrical lines are very simple, but some are also very complicated. For a relatively simple electrical circuit, if a failure occurred. Only a few electrical components and a few wires will be at a glance, even with one by one electrical appliances, according to the root of the wire in turn check, but also easy to find the fault location. But the more complex lines of electrical equipment can not use the above method to check the electrical failure. Electrical service personnel must be familiar with and understand the electrical circuit diagram of spring machinery, so as to correctly judge and quickly remove the fault. The electrical circuit of the machine tool is determined according to the purpose and process requirements of the machine tool. Therefore, it is of great significance to understand the basic working principle, processing range and operation procedure of the spring machine, and to master the principle and the function of the spring mechanical control circuit.

  Circle burned to make the surface insulation paper charred discoloration, burning insulation varnish out, spring off or broken, the electrical switch action mechanism blocked failure, etc., can clearly indicate the point of failure.