Spring Machine Breakthrough Development

Spring Machine Breakthrough development

Today, the development of spring machinery industry more and more ideal, whether it is cam spring machinery manufacturing, or other such as Yong Teng no cam spring machine-related spring machine industry. This ideal situation is mainly reflected in the spring machine industry more and more enterprises, and the level of spring machine is getting higher and higher.

At present, the domestic has a certain scale of the spring machinery manufacturing enterprises on the eight hundred or so. The domestic spring industry has also established a considerable professional level of the spring Institute, the quality of the professional level is very high, almost a lot of the industry have got the most valuable qualification certificate.

It is expected that within the next decade, the spring machine industry will have a more groundbreaking development. There will be more professional practitioners of the overall professional quality level there will be a qualitative improvement, the need for more spring machine business efforts and struggle.

Spring machine industry demand market is gradually expanding, cam spring machine market is expanding year by year. Spring machine industry will increase the pace of progress, the development of spring machine industry will be more and more ideal. Spring machine more than 10 years specializing in the production of spring machine and wire forming machine, the industry also has a certain degree of visibility. Some business people or the boss, take their products to find us, asked us to provide the corresponding wire forming machine.We will be based on the product, So that the spring machine or wire molding machine is recommended.Many people will doubt our professional degree, he thinks he wants the wire forming machine, why recommend spring machine to him?

 Such as friends actually have been caught in the error. Simply put, the spring machine can do line molding, wire molding machine can not do the spring. Some line molding, line forming machine is very suitable for very professional, there are some products, is shaped line forming, wire Many lines of molding products, mainly straightening, folding, cutting, the need for speed and stability, dedicated wire forming machine than the spring function of the machine can not do, need to do with the spring machine, Better meet the speed and stability of the requirements of the current market, many computer spring machine brand, structure, appearance and function are mostly similar, then how to judge the performance of the spring machine?

As we all know, computer spring machine is composed of hardware and software components, through the operation of the system instructions to drive the hardware part to complete a specific trajectory.

1. Computer system, the relationship between the operation of the entire spring machine, its importance is no doubt.

2. Servo motor, this is a combination of hardware and software components, including motor and servo drive. Motor running heat loss is serious, driven in the continuous operation of the situation is stable, its cooling is timely.

3. Hardware parts: work panels, sliders, rails, bearings, knives, etc. These are related to the machine's life and production accuracy.