Spring Machine Assembly Process

Spring Machine Assembly process

In the computer spring machine assembly process will have a lot of connection work, I plant a little technical master, but often in the disassembly in this area is very bad.

Some time ago to see the Internet in this area of learning and training, called the factory master area learning, back after the factory to the maintenance or repair of the machine, the dismantling of the box on a few years old master , And the swap technology is also significantly enhanced. And then here I have to learn some of the knowledge that we refer to reference.

We have the computer spring machine connection can generally be divided into removable and non-detachable connection two:

1. Common non-removable connection with welding, riveting and interference connection, etc., which interference junction multi-language axis, hole with. To achieve interference with the commonly used with the press fit, thermal expansion and cold shrink with the method. General computer spring machine can be pressed with the method, important or sophisticated machine is willing to use thermal expansion, cold shrink with the law. Computer spring machine can not be disassembled in the connection is zero, the use of computer spring machine parts are not removed, such as the demolition will often damage some parts.

2. Removable connections are zero, the parts do not damage any parts, can also be re-connected after disassembly. Common detachable connections are threaded, keyed and pinned. Which is the most widely used screw connection. The quality of the thread connection and the assembly process has a great relationship, should be based on the computer spring machine is connected to zero, the shape of the parts and the distribution of bolts, force, reasonable to determine the tightening force of the bolts, And the balance of tightening force requirements.

The spring machine reminds customers how to use the spring machine correctly

First, do not do more than the production of machine load.

Second, pay attention to whether the machine is running smoothly, no noise or abnormal vibration.

Third, measuring tools, instruments, tools may not be placed on the machine, while the operation of an accident.

Fourth, the lubrication system must be smooth. To ensure machine life.

Fifth, before starting the fixed tool position, positioning screws can not be loosened, to ensure that the spring outside the required range.

Sixth, the computer program to control the Y value of the feed, to ensure that the length of the spring within the required range.