Spring Machine Affect Spring Mechanical Life

Spring Machine Affect spring mechanical life

Spring machinery is now one of the necessary equipment for the production of spring, and the impact of spring mechanical life of the main factors are two, one is the operation of the operation of the scientific norms, the other is reasonable in place of daily maintenance. When the same spring machine is used by different operators, its life will be different. Often, professional and detailed operation of the use of mechanical life of the machine longer, and vice versa is shorter. In addition, the most important thing is to rely on maintenance. Machines and people are the same, need regular maintenance, or aging speed will be accelerated. When it comes to maintenance, the staff should pay attention to what aspects? How maintenance and maintenance is the most effective first of all to talk about daily maintenance. The so-called daily maintenance means that the number of maintenance is more ordinary, almost every day must do, but the content is relatively simple and easy. Mainly including the spring machine cleaning, lubrication, inspection and fastening, and so on. Especially in the car before the work and after the car, should be carefully checked and cleaned up. Followed by regular maintenance, regular maintenance and daily maintenance are somewhat different, regular maintenance of the interval is relatively long, do not need to be carried out every day, usually meet or exceed the spring mechanical maintenance requirements of the working hours or mileage. But the maintenance of the content is relatively more complex. Mainly include the following: 1, check and adjust the transmission, clutch, engine, transmission, brake mechanism, steering and working devices, hydraulic systems and electrical systems and other work. 2, detection and troubleshooting hidden trouble, but also balance the degree of wear of various parts of the machine. 3, the relevant fasteners should be regularly cleaned and cleaned 4, long-term use should not be done when the maintenance. Do a good job cleaning, anti-corrosion and so on.

First, do not do more than the production of machine load.

Second, pay attention to whether the machine is running smoothly, no noise or abnormal vibration.

Third, measuring tools, instruments, tools may not be placed on the machine, while the operation of an accident.

Fourth, the lubrication system must be smooth. To ensure machine life.

Fifth, before starting the fixed tool position, positioning screws can not be loosened, to ensure that the spring outside the required range.

Sixth, the computer program to control the Y value of the feed, to ensure that the length of the spring within the required range.

Spring machinery at work, how many will appear some vibration, when this happens, how to effectively reduce the following? Tell you some of the methods.

1. The use of vibration isolation measures, such as the machine's motor and bed with a flexible connection to isolate the vibration of the motor itself; the hydraulic part of the machine and the separation; the use of hydraulic buffer device to reduce the impact of parts when the use of thick rubber, The machine is isolated from the foundation, with the anti-ditch to separate the foundation of the equipment and the ground contact to prevent the surrounding vibration through the ground and the basis of the machine and so on.

2. Avoid the frequency of the excitation force and the system's natural frequency close to prevent resonance. Such as to replace the motor speed or change the spindle speed to avoid the resonance area; to improve the contact surface accuracy, reduce the bonding surface roughness; eliminate the gap, improve the contact stiffness and other methods to improve the system stiffness and natural frequency.