How To Reduce Spring Machinery Vibration

1. used across vibration measures, as makes machine of motor and bed body used flexible joins to isolation motor itself of vibration; put hydraulic part and machine separate; used hydraulic buffer device to reduced parts reversing Shi of impact; used thick rubber, and wood will machine and Foundation isolation, with anti-vibration ditch separated equipment of based and ground of contact, to prevent around of vibration source through ground and based to machine,.

2. avoid the vibration frequency and the vibration frequency of the system in order to prevent resonance. Such as replacement of motor speed or change the spindle speed to avoid resonance areas; improving surface accuracy, reducing the roughness of the surface; clearance, increasing stiffness and other methods to increase stiffness and natural frequency of the system.

3. reduce or eliminate source of force. For speeds of more than 600r/min parts must be balanced, particularly high speed rotating parts, such as wheels, because of its sand particle size distribution is not uniform and work wear and uneven reasons, likely to cause vibration of the spindle, so for new grinding wheels must be trimmed before and after trimming two balance. Improve the accuracy of precision gear manufacturing and Assembly, in particular to improve smoothness accuracy of gear, so as to reduce the vibrations caused by the cyclical impact, and reduces noise; improving manufacturing and Assembly accuracy of rolling bearings, to reduce the vibration caused by the defect of rolling bearings selected consistent, uniform thickness of the belt length.