Continuous Hot Wind Furnace Structure And Composition

Continuous Hot Wind Furnace Structure and composition

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Structure of gas - fired hot air stove

The structure of the gas hot air stove The gas industry hot air stove is also divided into indirect and direct type, but the indirect type for the external combustion models, but the general external type can be replaced by other fuels, but also divided into mobile and fixed, Mobile is generally a small machine, fixed are generally large equipment, we first come from the following legend to understand its structure.

It can be seen that this model is mainly composed of combustion chamber, burner, induction system, ignition system, motor, control system, safety valve assembly and so on. Put them all assembled together, it becomes a perfect industrial hot stove.

Because there is no smoke system, they do not install heat exchangers, but even so, their thermal efficiency has reached a staggering 100%, indirect type conversion efficiency is generally about 90%. Combustion chamber and fuel type, like the use of high temperature 310 austenitic stainless steel built, can be very good in the internal high temperature environment for long-term work, and has corrosion resistance, strong oxidation resistance, and other characteristics, because of their high standards , High performance, which can ensure that the industrial hot air stove for many years safe operation.

The burners are slightly more complex with respect to the fuel model. Their nozzles are usually larger and filled with dense holes. When there is a gas flow, they do not need a high supply pressure and can directly rely on the gas's own pressure. The nozzle flows out through the ignition needle, reaches the ignition point, the ignition is completed, and then the gas is converted to heat, outward delivery.

Induction systems are generally high temperature overheating induction and flame state induction, they are actually a very good security system, without them can not guarantee the normal operation of the equipment safely. When the machine is ignited, the flame sensor begins to work, and when it senses that the flame will deliver a command to the safety valve, it will continue to supply the gas. When it senses the flame, it will stop the supply of gas to the safety valve to prevent gas leakage. And high temperature overheating protection is when it perceives the internal environment operating temperature if the preset temperature value, will inform the safety valve, stop the supply of gas, but the fan will continue to work, when the fan to heat the internal high temperature, and then notify the unit to ignite And so on, so as to ensure the safety of industrial hot air stove.

Ignition system is composed of ignition transformer and ignition needle, when the fan work, the control system to notify the ignition transformer work, through the ignition needle continued discharge, spark, when the combustible gas flow through the nozzle will be quickly lit. Safety valve is composed of a set of electromagnetic system, power can let the gas flow, power can block the gas flow.