Continuous Hot Wind Furnace Introduction To The Classification

  Continuous Hot Wind Furnace Blast furnace hot blast stove is one of the main equipment of the blast furnace blast furnace. Generally, a blast furnace is equipped with 3 ~ 4 hot air stove. The function of the hot air stove is to provide the high temperature hot air of 1000 degrees or more continuously for the blast furnace. At present the advanced modern hot air furnace temperature can reach 1300 degrees.

  Continuous Hot Wind Furnace Hot stove As the name suggests is the need for the process to provide hot air flow and heat transfer process in one of the thermal equipment, generally there are two large types, namely the intermittent work of the regenerative hot stove and continuous heat exchanger. In the high-temperature ceramic heat exchanger is not yet mature today, intermittent work of the regenerative hot stove is still the mainstream of hot air stove products. Regenerative hot air stove In order to continue to provide hot air at least there must be two hot stove alternately work. Hot air stove is widely used in many areas of industrial production, due to different technological requirements, different types of fuel, different hot air medium derived from different uses and different structure of the hot stove. Here to be introduced for the blast furnace smelting to provide high-temperature hot air stove, and are thermal storage room hot air stove, because of its intermittent work, must be multi-set to achieve continuous high temperature to the blast furnace.

 Blast furnace hot air furnace according to the working principle can be divided into two kinds of regenerative and heat transfer.

  Continuous Hot Wind Furnace Regenerative hot air stove, according to the hot blast furnace inside the regenerator ball hot air stove (referred to as the ball furnace) and the use of lattice brick hot air stove, according to the combustion method can be divided into top combustion, internal combustion, It is the key technology to strengthen the smelting of blast furnace. How to improve the temperature, the industry is the direction of long-term research. Commonly used method is to burn high calorific value of gas, or increase the hot stove lattice brick heat transfer area, or change the lattice brick material, density, or change the shape of the regenerator (such as heat storage ball), and through various methods of gas And combustion air preheating.

  Continuous Hot Wind Furnace Heat exchanger, the main use of high temperature heat exchanger as the core components, this component can not use metal heat exchanger, can only use high temperature ceramic heat exchanger, blast furnace gas in the combustion chamber full combustion, after burning Hot air, through the heat exchanger, the heat for fresh cold air, the fresh air temperature can reach more than 1000 degrees.