Conical shape spring

How to make conical shape spring?


 Conical shape spring is a kind of compression spring, it is widely used in industrial area, because of the huge demand on conical springs, most spring manufacturers have the production line for it. Based on its structure and features, we usually make them by spring coiler, in order to facilitate operation and insure efficiency, so, how to make conical spring by CNC spring coiler?


1.  Observe its structure characteristics, control the pitch at starting point, when we make them on CNC spring machine, normally we make the small end firstly and end with big end, during the process of operation, we need to increase or decrease the spring pitch somewhere on the starting or ending circle. since after tempering or halting, spring body will incline to a certain direction.

2.   Master its winding features, controls the deviatio1n of spring outside diameter, by install deformation cam and adjust the ratio rod on tooling shelf, we can make the circle with small OD, then, gradually to the big OD.

3.  During the production, we should hold the prefabricated height which is controlled by pitch changes and coil numbers, normally, the pitch changes of springs are mastered by machine pitch rod, of which its movement orbit varies spring pitches.

             4.Adjustment of spring outside diameter and pitch, to insure it flatness and concentricity, when a approximated spring    sample is finished, operator make further adjustment gradually in accordance with spring technical drawings, such as spring pitches, spring outside diameter, spring height,