Computer Spring Forming Machine Three

Computer spring forming machine of the "three most" computer spring forming machine for multi-axis with a free hand and changing functions of characteristic, decided the advantages of his producing shaped spring and linear products, because many corner long or around more than a small amount of product, a cam spring there is no way of forming.   Automatic spring machines can play its robots move around, lane 320 degrees molded, arm arrangement of freedom, with appropriate tools, you can do the traditional convex turbines cannot be formed by spring, he can easily and does not leave streaks, which is the core advantages of automatic spring machines. 1, and production shaped spring capacity most strong computer spring machine because more axis with free hand and turned line function of features, decided has he production shaped spring and linear products of advantage, because currently many folding angle more super long or kept the than is small of products, cam spring machine is no approach once forming of, automatically spring machine on can play it manipulator around mobile, and turned line 320 degrees forming, and arm free arranged of features, plus appropriate of auxiliary tool, on can do traditional of convex turbine once forming can't of spring,   He can be easily molded, and will not leave streaks, which is the core advantages of automatic spring machines.   2, and servo motor axis number up spring machine are is 10 axis or 12 axis, according to customer requirements, 10 axis also can added for 11 axis, and domestic other models, General is 2 axis, and 3 axis, and 4 axis, and 6 axis, and 8 axis ranging, axis number more of machine, he of intelligent of degree quite enhanced, do spring debugging using more convenient, more axis is spring mechanical of development trend. 3, and debugging using most convenient convenient is a value, spring machine without row cam tablets, each servo motor are by computer system independent control, all arm can free adjustment location, basically not exists hit knife of may, adjustable machine technician easy learn with, computer spring machine of core selling one of, he of arm trip can according to products needs free set, no invalid action, thus speed also will get upgrade, special for spring varieties more of production manufacturers.