Coiling Machine Operation Details

Detailed explanation of operation of the spring 1, the basic structure and working principle of spring: spring machine can be classified as straightening body, feeding mechanism, diameter, pitch control agencies, cut off the bodies of five parts. , Straightening institutions: straightening of the position between the material and feed rollers, made up of two sets of straightening rollers, straightening system is designed to eliminate wire bending deformation of the original, after straightening, straight into the forming machinery in order to improve the accuracy of spring. Second, the feeding mechanism: feed mechanism is a pair or two pairs feeding wheel clamping wire, feed wheel spins the wire straight forward device. Gear transmission fan gear on the feeding wheel to complete, speed the same upper and lower wheel, rotating in the opposite direction. Feed wheel rotation a week feed length is feeding the circumference of the wheel, spring length can be determined by the number of turns feeding wheel, fan-shaped incomplete the number of teeth of the gear is to control the number of turns of the feed wheel (reference tables). Branding three, reducing body: when adjustable mechanism refers to the winding spring, spring outer diameter control mechanism, it is composed of two pole and top Rod composed of variable-cam. When the production of cylinder spring, Spring wire constant adjustments two push rod to the appropriate location, in line with the outer diameter of the spring, and fixed the two pole position cannot be changed. When the production of variable diameter Springs, such as convex, truncated conical spring, prop on both bolts loosen, ejector pins in the knife back and forth telescopic, to change the Springs by the variable-cam-driven ejector, achieve the purpose of the production of a variety of variable diameter springs. Four, pitch change mechanism: the pitch change mechanism is to control the pitch of the spring mechanism, this machine has 2 types of institutions: (1), consisting of a pitch-pitch cutter and cam. Play cam is effective to control spring laps pitch under the knife bolts adjust the spring height, (2), by the cam-linkage, envoys from the knife from inside launch better wide spacing spring. Five, cutting: cutting is wound after molding, cut wire is the last process of the falling spring action cut by knife and core to complete. 2, and volume spring machine of using and maintenance: a, and spring machine of adjustment, can is divided into the institutions of single adjustment and put the institutions contact with of General adjustment, volume spring machine adjustment Shi should first right to select and installation by needed of tool, as wire, and sent material wheel, and various cam, and core axis, and cut knife, and top rod and so on, not supplies then according to process requirements for itemized adjustment. On the individual content is as follows: (1) spring outer diameter adjustment: the principal is adjusted by the Agency, when volumes cylindrical spring, ejector PIN is stationary up and down or turn fixed to a suitable location and just debug inside or outside, so it is not necessary to install adjustable cam adjustment simpler. When the volumes are convex conical Springs, spring, must be equipped with adjustable cam.