CNC Spring End Grinding Machines Tool System Selection

CNC Spring End Grinding Machines Tool system selection

Grinding machine CNC tooling system selection tool system selection is one of the important elements of CNC grinding machine configuration, because the tool system not only affects the production efficiency of CNC grinding machine, but also directly affect the quality of parts processing. According to the performance of CNC grinding machine (or processing center) and the characteristics of CNC machining process optimization tool and CNC tool holder system, you can achieve a multiplier effect. 1 CNC grinding machine commonly used tool holder classification Compared with the ordinary processing methods, CNC machining on the tool stiffness, accuracy, durability and dynamic balance performance requirements are more stringent. The choice of the tool should pay attention to the structure and process analysis of the workpiece, combined with the processing capacity of CNC grinding machine, the workpiece material and process content and other factors into account. CNC machining tool holders are mainly divided into drilling tool handle, boring tool knife handle, cutter cutter, thread cutter and shank tool holder (end mill cutter and spring chuck handle) The 2 CNC grinding machine commonly used toolholder selection tool holder structure form CNC Surface grinder tool handle structure is divided into two kinds of integral and modular. The overall working position of the tool is exactly one of the working parts on which the tool is mounted on the grinding machine. This tool holder is less adaptable to the transformation of the grinder and the part. In order to adapt to the transformation of parts and grinders, the user must reserve a variety of tool holders, so the lower utilization of the handle. The modular tool system is a more advanced tooling system, and each tool holder can be assembled from a variety of serialized modules. For different processing parts and the use of grinder, take a different assembly program, access to a variety of knife handle series, thereby improving the adaptability and utilization of the handle. The choice of the structure of the handle should take into account the advanced technology and economic rationality: ① for some long-term repeated use, do not need to assemble a simple tool to be equipped with a holistic tool holder is appropriate, so that the tool is good, cheap (such as processing parts outside contour Of the end mill cutter handle, spring chuck handle and drill chuck handle, etc.); ② in the processing of aperture, hole depth often change the variety, small batch parts, should use modular knife handle to replace a large number of the whole Type boring tool handle, reduce processing costs; ③ more on CNC grinding machine, especially the end of the grinding machine, tool changer different, should use modular knife handle. As the middle of the grinding machine used in the module (pole) and the working module (tooling module) can be universal, can greatly reduce equipment investment, improve tool utilization. Knife handle specifications CNC tool handle most of the 7:24 cone tool handle, and the use of the corresponding type of pull nail tightening structure and grinding machine spindle match. There are a variety of specifications, commonly used are 40, 45 and 50. At present, there are ISO7388-1983, GB10944-1989, MAS403-1982ANSI / ASME B5.50-1985, which are widely used in our country. In the selection, the tool holder should be considered in accordance with the spindle and the manipulator.

The size of the handle of the overall size of the TSG tool system, including 20 kinds of tool holders, the number of specifications up to hundreds, the user can be processed according to the typical parts of the NC machining process to select the knife handle specifications, both to meet the processing The request does not cause a backlog. Taking into account the work of CNC grinding machine at the same time there are a certain number of tool holders in the pre-tune or tool grinding, so the number of the handle is usually the required handle 2 to 3 times. Tool and the handle of the matching focus on the handle and the tool to match, especially in the choice of tapping handle, pay attention to the tap with the square head size. In addition, the use of single-blade grinding machine on the CNC grinding machine to avoid retracting the workpiece when the knife, but should pay attention to the knife relative to the handle on the keyway position: some grinding machine requirements and keyway position, and some grinding Perpendicular to the keyway orientation. Selection of high efficiency and composite tool handle To improve the processing efficiency, should be selected as far as possible efficient tool and CNC tool holder. Such as rough boring can choose double-edged boring tool handle, can improve the processing efficiency, but also help to reduce the cutting vibration; use strong spring chuck not only can hold the straight handle tool, but also through the rod clamping hole cutter The For the bulk of large, complex processing of the typical workpiece, should be used as far as possible composite tool. Although the composite tool and the handle price is more expensive, but in the processing center on the use of composite tool processing, multi-channel processes can be combined into a process, by a tool to complete, help reduce the processing time and tooling times, significantly improve production efficiency The For some special parts can also consider the use of specially designed composite handle.