CNC Spring End Grinding Machines The Spring Is The Reason For The Lack Of Elasticity

CNC Spring End Grinding Machines The spring is the reason for the lack of elasticity

The spring is the reason for the lack of elasticity

Why the spring in the use of the process will show a lack of elasticity? Let the spring machine manufacturers tell you about it

      1, non-standard spring design parameters unreasonable: only focus on diameter, diameter, length and other parameters, often overlook the cross-sectional area of the wire and the size of the pitch, resulting in insufficient elasticity;

      2, the standard spring selection is unreasonable: because the price is cheap, choose a lighter load type and can not afford heavy load, resulting in the feeling of elastic enough;

      3, the spring quality level wrong: unintentional or deliberately put the ordinary spring when the high-quality spring or imported spring, resulting in the feeling of elastic enough;

      4, more than the provisions of the temperature caused by the use of elasticity or even loss of elasticity;

      5, the spring wire itself soft, or spring quenching temperature is low or holding time is not long enough, or spring molding after tempering temperature is too high and a long time, resulting in tensile strength and elasticity is not enough.

  The current spring processing equipment and processing lines to the computer control (CNC) and CNC (NC) of the depth and breadth of development. But with the spring material and geometric changes in the new shape, processing technology has also developed.

    1. Variable spring diameter, variable pitch and variable wire diameter (three variable) Suspension spring to achieve a moldless processing. Since the development of three-variable spring, has been using tapered steel rods in the CNC lathe winding processing, but the yield and price are not ideal. Now change the heating state through the coil spring machine, control the roll speed and drawing force, to obtain the required cone shape, and processing waste heat for quenching.

    2. Hollow stabilized spring rod with low carbon boron plate rolling welding forming.

    3. Torsion bar with high purity 45 steel, high-frequency quenching to obtain the surface of the high hardness and greater residual compressive stress, thereby enhancing fatigue life and anti-relaxation ability.

    4. Widely used in electronic products, the film spring is basically stamping and automatic bending forming. At present, the main technology is the development of composite materials.

    First, the spring cold forming process

  (1) cold forming process one-time automation capabilities. Cold forming machine has been developed to 12 claws. In the range of (0.3 ~ 14) mm, the wire is basically formed at the time of 8 claw forming. The development trend of the current forming process equipment: ① to improve the forming speed, the main trend is to improve the equipment forming speed, that is, production efficiency; ② by improving the precision of equipment parts and enhanced heat treatment effect to improve equipment durability; ③ increase the length of the sensor and Laser range finder, to the CNC spring machine for automatic closed-loop control manufacturing process.

  (2) cold forming process range capacity. The current large diameter computer spring machine, the maximum specifications up to 20mm, = 2000MPa, spiral than 5. Minic-Block spring and eccentric spring cold forming process is still limited.

    Second, the spring of the hot forming process

  (1) hot forming process speed capability. At present, China's (9 ~ 25) mm specifications on the formation of only CNC2 axis hot coil spring machine, the maximum speed of 17 per minute. And the developed countries compared to the larger gap.

  (2) large spring thermoforming process control capability. Because only CNC2 axis hot coil spring machine, so the shape control less three directions, the accuracy is poor; and no automatic bar rotation control and adjustment mechanism, so the hot coil spring forming process level and ability is low. So the accuracy of the spring level and surface oxidation decarburization level is also low.