CNC Spring End Grinding Machines Product Advantages

CNC Spring End Grinding Machines Product advantages

Now with the spring machine manufacturers in the production process are more emphasis on the brand effect of the product, so when the production of a product reflected in the production of the quality of the spring and processing quality and other aspects of the need to pay attention, or in its The quality of the process of production generally reflects the advantages of the product, as well as in the production of the time required for its production requirements, grinding spring machine in the market put this advantage reflected out.

First run spring machine in the operation of convenience and simplicity

With the use of spring machines or more and more enterprises, in the process of its operation is often more emphasis on the quality of operation, in its operation when the general is relatively simple, the more simple operation for the operation of the staff The more we can speed up the operation, so as to improve efficiency. Spring applications more and more widely, the spring of the technical accessories and product diversity requirements are getting higher and higher.

Second, the quality of the reed spring is relatively lighter than the spring machine products for the lighter quality is a more effective embodiment of the process for its production is more quality advantages, in its processing is the time are generally Is more emphasis on quality problems, the quality requirements of its relatively high, the first spring machine is the production of spring products, so the equipment can not be too heavy, otherwise it will affect the production effect, so that the spring machine must be Relatively light, so that produced by the spring is relatively high quality.

 When the spring material through the alignment mechanism and feeding mechanism, hit the top of the plunger groove, forcing the spring material bending deformation, the coil is the material to withstand the three friction points and winding forming. For the single-top bar spring machine, the three friction points are the spring material and the wire plate, mandrel, mandrel cut point; for double top rod beam machine, the three friction points are spring material and wire plate , Two curves of the tangent point of contact. During the bending of the spring material into the loop, the wire will come into contact with the slope of the pitch block. The pitch of the helical compression spring is made when the pitch mechanism of the reed spring moves the pitch block in the direction of the axis of the spring winding. When the coil spring is compressed and the head (support ring) or the helical tension spring is retracted, the pitch block is retreated and the coil spring is formed by the front coil. When a spring is rolled, the feed mechanism stops feeding, and the cutter control machine forces the cutter to cut off the spring. So the reciprocating operation to achieve the automatic spring forming.

Curve gauge Under the control of the spring diameter changing mechanism, it can be moved back and forth to adjust the diameter of the spring or to adjust the coil spring. When the coil spring is curled, the corresponding variable diameter cam must be used. As the spring material is continuously wound into a coil, the variable cam is also rotated accordingly to control the mandrel for proper movement, rolling out the required adjustable coil spring.

When you want to roll the pitch (commonly known as unequal pitch) of the spiral compression spring or other coil spring, the use of variable pitch cam; in the role of variable pitch cam, through a set of pendulum mechanism to promote the block before and after the block movement, To achieve the spring of the variable pitch.