CNC Spring End Grinding Machines Displacement Accuracy

CNC Spring End Grinding Machines Displacement accuracy

In particular, the primary requirement for large stiffness precision springs is the high precision of the device, the small load of the spring. Because the small changes in displacement, it will cause a greater change in the test force, and to ensure the test force of the test accuracy, it is easy to do, but to ensure that the spring test machine another parameter displacement accuracy, to ensure the accuracy of spring test key, But also to determine the accuracy of the spring test machine specifications.

Therefore, more and more users, the accuracy of the displacement test as a measure of the level of high and low standard test machine. In the national standard of the reed spring machine, the requirement of the displacement accuracy is very low to meet the requirements of the large stiffness precision spring. Therefore, it is necessary for the grinding machine manufacturer to improve the displacement test accuracy to meet the requirements of the user. There are many factors that affect the accuracy of the displacement test, such as the detection method, the whole structure, the machine stiffness, the parallelism of the pressure plate, the measurement components, the data, the load displacement sink, etc. As long as these factors are overcome, the guarantee of the displacement precision is not questionable.

Take care of the maintenance: the new machine or overhaul after the machinery must be carried out in the transport period to carry out maintenance. When the spring machine is used in the stipulated walking period, it is necessary to increase the load and speed step by step according to the corresponding regulations, and check the lubrication and tightening condition comprehensively, observe the situation of the whole machine and find out the abnormality. The focus of maintenance is to replace the various parts of lubricants, lubrication of various parts, fastening the bolts. After the end of the period to carry out a secondary maintenance.

CNC spring machine and spring machine are used to produce the spring, then what is the difference between them? Was the spring function instead of the NC spring machine? Here to answer your numerical control spring machine and the difference between the spring machine.

CNC spring machine refers to the production of spring mechanical equipment, the current development of automatic, CNC type, according to the functional characteristics are divided into: spring machine, pull spring machine, universal machine, disk machine and special spring machine such as: snake spring machine, Torsion spring machine in accordance with the drive is divided into: semi-automatic, automatic, CNC and all computer-controlled.

The grinding machine is used for wet grinding compression springs. The machine has two left and right grinding wheels, the spindle is located in the same axis, two grinding wheel by a built-in motor at the same time drive. Grinding head driven by a hydraulic cylinder reciprocating motion, the spring on the support shaft, the hydraulic pressure fixed, the manual spring to achieve axial feed. Guide rail with a rolling linear guide, a good dust protection measures, good safety performance, can achieve bulk large diameter spring surface grinding. The machine is equipped with a hydraulic balance crane, loading and unloading is convenient and accurate, simple operation, safe and reliable. What is the operation of the spring? Here's your presentation:

1, according to the height of the reed spring with a good set of grinding sets, grinding height should be lower than the spring grinding height of about 3mm, and then through the hand wheel to adjust the wheel height, and lock fixed.

2, adjust the spring at the exit of the guide plate height, should be slightly lower than the lower wheel plane.

3, according to the spring line by adjusting the turntable speed, the line by a large slow speed. And vice versa.

4, the first boot should pay attention to open the plate speed control motor on the oil hole cover to prevent air expansion of oil spills.

5, adjust the spring under the guide plate height, should be slightly higher than the lower wheel of the plane, the upper guide plate height should be slightly lower than the plane of the upper wheel, so that the spring can smoothly into the grinding wheel grinding surface.