CNC Spring End Grinding Machines Accuracy Of The Test

CNC Spring End Grinding Machines Accuracy of the test

How to judge the precision of CNC spring end grinding machine

In particular, the first requirement of the high precision spring is the high precision of the equipment and the small load spring. Because the displacement of small changes, then will cause large variation of the test force, and ensure the accuracy of the test force test, very easy thing, but to ensure the accuracy of displacement of the other parameters of the spring testing machine, spring testing precision of the key, is also judge spring testing machine precision high specification.

Therefore, more and more users are using the accuracy of the displacement test as a criterion to measure the level of the test machine. CNC spring grinding machine state in the specification, the accuracy requirement of the displacement is very low to meet the basic outline the requirements of precision springs, therefore, for CNC spring grinding machine manufacturers, must improve the displacement test precision to meet the requirements of users. There are many factors affected the accuracy of displacement tests, such as detection method, the whole machine structure, parallel machine stiffness, pressure plate, sinking, load displacement measurement devices, data, etc., as long as to overcome these factors, the assurance of accuracy of displacement is not a problem.

It is guaranteed that the testing of spring tester is strictly consistent with the testing force of the test in different parts of the pressure plate. Any load will not cause the displacement of the load sensor to sink. In addition, the loading method of spring testing machine affect the result of the test try to ignore the early loading method is mainly for ordinary ac motor drive transmission system load, loading speed adjustment, for elastic components such as spring net, as a result of the existence of springback stress fast automatic collection of data compression and slow compression or static compression data collected by difference is very big, now use the variable speed system such as ac servo control system, through the realistic simulation of the working state of the spring, the real measurement of spring in a state of inner stress, provide the basis for spring design.

The disadvantages of CNC spring end grinding machine are improved by microcomputer, with the development of computer technology. Expert system for intelligent function setting, parameter selection, database, clear Windows Chinese interface, simple mouse operation, the spring is the most ideal state in the process of testing, greatly improve the intelligent level, the operator simply click the mouse, you can according to the preset model for measurement, control, by setting different parameters in the process of the test speed, test, test mode, the whole test process can be controlled in accordance with the will of people, test curve and test data real time display, test data can be calculated according to the industry standard or enterprise standard, sorting, output, but also the test process, results of previous queries, powerful function of mathematical statistics and replaced the old multifarious work, greatly reduced the amount of labor.