Automatic Wire Feeder The Working Principle

  Automatic wire feeder is under the control of microcomputer, can be set according to the parameters of continuous and stable delivery of wire automatic feAutomatic Wire Feeder eding device.

  Wire welding is a very important part of the welding process, manual welding method of welding wire and so on more use of the welder fingers twist the wire to complete the wire feeding process, the welder operation wire is very inconvenient, therefore, manual wire Poor performance, poor consistency, wire feeding instability, resulting in low efficiency of welding production, welding molding consistency is poor. In addition, the welder welding wire length is limited, long time welding need to frequently take the wire, welding efficiency is low, and each welding wire will be completed when a small piece of welding wire can not be used, resulting in a waste.

  Automatic Wire Feeder The new TWA-I automatic wire feeder is an automatic driven mechanized wire feeding device. It is mainly used in manual welding automatic wire feeding, automatic welding, automatic welding of plasma welding and automatic welding of laser welding. The system uses microcomputer control, stepper gear motor drive, wire feeding high precision, repeatability is good.

  Automatic wire feeder generally has a control part of the provision of parameter settings, the drive part of the control part of the control under the wire drive, wire feeding part of the wire sent to the torch position.

  Automatic Wire Feeder Control part

With hysteresis feed and advance spinning function. Both can achieve single machine automatic control (internal control), can also receive the host computer control (485 communication). It can be controlled by the foot switch and wire, or you can use the torch high frequency switch to achieve synchronous control (high frequency line, high frequency outlet). Wire speed 0-1000mm / min (generally in accordance with customer requirements), wire speed repeatability error within ± 5%. With continuous wire feeding and intermittent wire feeding function, and intermittent wire feeding frequency and duty cycle adjustable.

  Automatic Wire Feeder Drive part

Automatic wire feeder wire drive part is generally adjustable by the preload force bar, the drive wheel, driven wheel composition. Adjustable preload force bar: for pressing the wire, the handle can be rotated to adjust the degree of compression. The drive wheel drives the drive wheel to provide power for the wire. Driven wheel: the wire will be pressed into the wire feed wheel on the wire to increase the friction between the wire and the wire, send the wire to send smoothly.

  Sink part

The wire feeder can be fixed relative to the wire feed nozzle and the welding torch, and can adjust the angle of the wire feeding and the distance from the tungsten tip to ensure the welding effect.