Automatic Wire Feeder Feeder Main Body

Automatic Wire Feeder Feeder main body

TIG welding gun to the wire feeder connected to the wire feeder, wire feeder and then to the welding machine, wire feeder and welding machine wiring, there will be linkage function. Work principle, hand press the argon arc torch switch, then gave the wire feeder signal, wire feeder immediately to the welding machine signal, they began to work at the same time, and wire. Hand loose gun switch, wire will stop. Automatic wire feeder control circuit, a single chip. Part of the digital-analog circuit function is to imitate the digital technology, and many features can not be achieved! To achieve the photoelectric isolation and power isolation This technology is basically impossible to control the automatic wire feeder is in the microcomputer control, according to set the parameters of continuous and stable delivery of wire automatic feeding device.

Feed wire machine working principle and operation method:

The working principle of the wire feeder is more complex, the company after years of wire feeder research and development, a detailed analysis of his operation as follows:

01. The main body of the wire feeder, the wire feeder is connected with the wire feeder and the appropriate wire tray is installed.

02. If you use the foot switch control wire and TWA-I automatic wire feeder, welding power and welding gun assembly diagram

Spinning, only the foot switch and the control panel on the wire feed interface; such as the use of high-frequency switch gun synchronous control wire drawing, you need to control the panel on the high-frequency outlet interface with the argon arc welding machine On the high-frequency interface connection, and then the control panel on the high-frequency line and the high-frequency arc on the torch connected. The same time as

03. If you want to control the wire feeder on the host computer, you need to set the internal control switch on the control panel. If you do not need the upper machine control wire feeder, set the internal control switch in the control panel to the internal control side. The same time as

04. Install the appropriate wire feed wheel according to the selected wire diameter. The same time as

05. Connect the power plug, turn on the power switch, adjust the wire feed speed to the fastest, press the press bar, press the foot switch, or use the control panel on the wire drawing switch, so that the wire as soon as possible to reach the wire mouth. When the wire through the wire when the wire to stop feeding. The same time as

06. Adjust the wire to make it meet the welding angle requirements. Adjust the wire feeder parameters, select the appropriate way to wire to achieve the appropriate speed. The same time as

07. Open the welding machine, the normal welding. The same time as

08. After completing the welding, turn off the power switch and unplug the power plug.

Wire is a very important part of the welding process, manual welding method of welding wire and so on to use the welder fingers twist the wire to complete the wire feeding process.