Automatic Wire Feeder Automatic Wire Feed

Automatic Wire Feeder Automatic wire feed

Automatic wire feeder is under the control of microcomputer, can be set according to the parameters of continuous and stable delivery of wire automatic feeding device.

Automatic wire feeder

Wire welding is a very important part of the welding process, manual welding method of welding wire and so on more use of the welder fingers twist the wire to complete the wire feeding process, welder operation wire is very inconvenient, therefore, manual wire accurate Poor performance, poor consistency, wire feed instability, resulting in low efficiency of welding production, welding molding consistency is poor. In addition, the welder hand-held wire length is limited, long time welding need to take the wire frequently, welding efficiency is low, and each welding wire will be completed when a small piece of welding wire can not be used, resulting in a waste.

The new TWA-I automatic wire feeder is an automatic mechanized wire feeding device. It is mainly used in manual welding automatic wire feeding, automatic welding, automatic welding of plasma welding and automatic welding of laser welding. The system adopts microcomputer control, stepping gear motor, high precision and good reproducibility.

General safety precautions for wire feeders

01, please be sure to comply with the instructions specified in the instructions, or an accident may occur.

02, the design and construction of input power supply, the choice of installation site, the use of high-pressure gas, etc., in accordance with the relevant standards and regulations.

03, unrelated personnel do not enter the welding workplace.

To avoid the wire feeder welding dust and gas on the human body hazards

01, please use the provisions of the exhaust equipment, to avoid gas poisoning and suffocation accidents.

02, at the bottom of the container operation, the protective gas will be deposited around, causing suffocation. Special attention should be given to ventilation.

To avoid welding arc, splash and welding slag on the human body hazards

01, please wear protective glasses with enough shading. Arcs can cause eye irritation, splashing and welding slag will burn eyes.

02, please use the protection of leather with leather gloves, long-sleeved clothes, hats, feet, aprons and other protective equipment, so as not to arc, splash and welding slag burns, scalded skin.

To prevent the occurrence of fire, explosion, rupture and other accidents

01, welding sites shall not be placed combustible, splash and hot weld will cause a fire.

02, welding cable and base metal to be connected to fastening, otherwise it will heat into a fire.

03, do not weld in flammable gas or in a container containing flammable substances, otherwise it will cause an explosion.

04, do not weld the sealed container, otherwise it will break.

05, should prepare fire extinguishers, just in case. To prevent the rotation of the wire feeder moving parts

01, do not close your fingers, hair, clothes and other rotating parts such as wire wheel.

02, into the welding wire, do not put the end of the torch close to the eyes, face and body, so as not to hurt the wire.