Automatic Wire Feeder Automatic Drive

Automatic Wire Feeder Automatic drive

Automatic wire feeder is an automatic drive of the mechanized wire feeding device, which is mainly used in manual welding automatic wire feeding, automatic welding automatic wire feeding, plasma welding automatic wire feeding and laser welding automatic wire feeding. The system adopts microcomputer control, stepping gear motor, high precision and good reproducibility. Practice has proved that the newly developed trunk, light and flexible, the user can quickly connect. The WF 25i Case (TPS / i) and VR 5000 Case (TransSteel) models are designed with a rugged bayonet joint to eliminate strain on the trunk. These two models can be equipped with twist braid variants, using a fixed connection socket, including power cables and control cables. Among them, VR 4000 Case (TPS) also has a mechanical strain + elimination device. Its longest distance between air-cooled power supplies and welding workplaces is up to 70 meters. Feeder motor maintenance:

    1, the use of the environment should always adhere to dry, the motor surface should be kept clean, the inlet should not be affected by dust, fiber and other obstacles.

    2, when the thermal maintenance of the motor continuous action, should identify the fault from the motor or overload or maintenance device set value is too low to eliminate the fault before they can be put into operation.

    3, should ensure that the motor in the course of running a good lubrication. The general motor running for about 5000 hours, that should be added or replaced grease, running in the bearing overheating or lubrication transformation, the hydraulic time for grease. When replacing the grease, remove the old lubricating oil and have the oil purge bearing and the oil sump of the bearing cap, then fill the ZL-3 lithium grease with 1/2 and 2 poles of the cavity between the inner and outer rings of the bearing) and 2/3 to 468 pole)

    4, when the end of the bearing life, the motor running vibration and noise will be significantly increased, check the bearing radial clearance to the following values, that should be replaced bearings.

    5, the assembly of the motor, from the shaft extension or non-extended end can be removed from the rotor. If it is not necessary to remove the fan, or from the non-axial extension of the rotor is more convenient, from the stator out of the rotor, should prevent damage to the stator winding or insulation. Now automatic wire feeder in the production of the use of more and more popular, and now Xiaobian on the wire feeder to buy skills for a brief introduction, we look down with me!

Feeder machine should also pay attention to the following three questions:

(1) signal identification. To choose the arc from the automatic wire, broken arc will automatically stop welding wire. If you can not afford to open the switch is not open wire.

(2) automatic wire feeding. Some wire feeder by a separate switch control wire, and a separate switch control welding machine. This consistency is poor, try to use a switch control of the body of such a signal can complete all the steps.

(3) wire feed speed. TIG welding is usually carried out at a speed of 20 cm to 200 cm / min. Modified wire feeder in this speed range of effort is very small, hand can easily pull the wire. So when the wire tube will have the resistance to slow down or even stop, so to talk about the uniform and powerful wire.