What are the cam Springs free quality?

Free cam spring into the horizon, no cam spring good debugging, no cam spring free of cam and rocker arm design, independent servo motor drives the station without having to exhaust cam, created it has a unique advantage. Along with the spring industry fast development in recent years, prompting the spring machinery industry technology innovation, new products and new technology has been recognized and widely used. Cam free spring is based on the traditional cam spring emergence, then no cam spring machines and what are the advantages?

① the debugging process more convenient. Spring structure familiar to people who will know that the cam is on the power transmission system of the CNC spring machine main parts, through systematic instruction of manipulation of the cam springs. Cam-Spring Special-free free of cam and rocker arm design, technical master no longer exhaust cam angle during the debugging process, need to be familiar with computer operating systems and corresponding programming, thus greatly reducing the difficulty of debugging.

II-forming abilities more powerful. Compared with the traditional cam spring machine, no cam spring arm can be disassembled to install, depending on the product form needs to arm disassembly can be in any location on the Panel, to stagger in the specific operational orbit are affected by spring, so as to avoid hitting the knife. In addition, due to arm disassembly installation and larger interior space, for a variety of complex spring provides more powerful functions.

③ speed faster and more stable. All the traditional cam spring are not unfamiliar, it is driven by a servo motor body all the cams work; each time you complete an action, all will follow the rotation of the cam once part of cam do free work and cam in the spinning will produce time interval. Free cam spring is not the independent servo driven arm, can run independently, trip trajectory can be set as required, invalid actions can be effectively avoided, shorten the time interval, so as to improve the working efficiency.