Spring uses and how to choose a spring machine

Spring, as a material with elastic element is the use of elastic characteristics and deformation. In we daily in the, many place are has using, spring products applies Yu various toy, and lighting, and handbags, and leather, and bags, and gift, and crafts, and stationery, and electronic, and electrical, and camera class, and precision equipment, and various transport, and hardware plastic, and electronic said, and remote control, and stroller, and bike, and washing machine, and sucking dust device, and lamps, and car, and furniture, and toy, and switch, and socket, and water heater, and Calculator, and watches, and ignition device, and mouse, and motor, and phone, and medals, and fan, and video DVD and so on! We use a ball-point pen. Lift the bottom of the shadow of a spring for shock absorption, and other machinery and equipment, instrumentation and application of spring, mainly for the movement to ease shock or vibration, measuring the size of the force and other uses.

Lots of small toys, mechanical requirements for spring is not so high, can be used on the line, but often used more accurate place tends to be a problem, for example, we have seen the spring scale. If the spring coil precision, or of poor quality, it's it's, are deceiving the public, but the big things, but also great, I experience things, open their own companies to do before spring balance has been a spring with wholesale dealers later reflected our products have any questions. It's many business customers have been reflected, but do not buy our products, weighing scales do not, this really is a very serious problem, after a few days of checking and found that problems arise in such a small spring.