Free cam spring cam spring machine what is the difference?

With the development of domestic spring machinery industry, our spring depending on the classification of the reference standard has a different meaning. Under spring machine product model can be divided into: no cam spring cam spring machine and machine.

Cam free spring includes lane and without changing lanes without cam spring machines. If in early, can select mechanical type of simple equipment; if has difficulty of spring, on select shaped spring machine equipment, if Spring requirements not high, volume and is big, also can consider select no cam spring machine, because from long-term development of angle view, no cam spring machine is future spring machine development of trend; if do of high-end products, for car, and aircraft, and phone, and computer, hi-tech products Shang of accessories, can consider precision spring machine. If you are mainly doing compression springs, tension springs, torsion springs, size large and small, and often the machine, then the best choice is no cam spring machines. Because no exhaust cam cam free spring machine problems and big internal space, make spring come a lot easier. Cam free spring with a robot, the robot can do a double torsion spring on both sides of the circles are around the very dense, wire forming flexible debugging easier, which is different from a convex turbine advantage. Secondly, no cam spring cam spring machine shaped spring ability.